FastStone 4in1 Browser

FastStone 4in1 Browser 2.1

Free browser including FTP client and image viewer

FastStone 4in1 Browser is a FREE and VERY FAST tabbed Web Browser with a built-in Web Server, a fully functional FTP Client and a drag & drop Image Viewer. It enables users to surf the web, run a web server, transfer files between his computer (client) and servers, view and capture web pages within one single application. It is a fast, stable, skinable and 100% Free.


  • Four integrated programs (web browser, web server, FTP client and image viewer)
  • Full IE compatibility
  • Capture scrolling web pages
  • Records cleaner
  • Web server with password protection
  • Fully functional FTP client to transfer files between your computer and servers
  • Drag and drop image viewer with a crystal-clear magnifier support
  • Screen capture

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FastStone 4in1 Browser


FastStone 4in1 Browser 2.1

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